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Hi! My name is Phyllis Krieger and I love helping people save money. I know that you want to be free from the stress of owing others money. In order to do that, you need a new way to manage your money. The problem is there are too many bills and not enough money which makes you feel trapped. I believe you shouldn’t waste time worrying about how you’ll pay your monthly expenses. I understand you have more important things to spend your time and money on. Which is why I can help you gain financial freedom. So instead of worrying about how you’ll meet your expenses, you can live your best life now.

My financial coaching is a unique blend of financial and personal development designed to help you create a solid foundation, stop stressing about money, and build healthier money habits.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  1. I’ll assess your financial situation
  2. I’ll help you create a personal money management plan that fits you.
  3. You’ll pay off your debts and live financially free.

I have a deep desire to help young families learn that they can raise their kids on one income, if they desire, and simultaneously save for their future. I have learned through my own experiences, how this is not only possible, but rewarding. My husband and I raised our seven kids on one income while we worked to get out of debt, paying off a home and car loan early on, we developed a way of life that helped us raise our kids without going into debt. This included homeschooling and naturally, money management became an important part of our curriculum. Of my children that decided to continue their education, four out of four of them graduated from college with no student loans.

Now this lifestyle has grown into a passion to share what I have learned with others. Over 40 years of experience in the tax and finance industries has provided me with additional knowledge to better serve my clients. I believe wholeheartedly that we are meant to help others in our abundance. For that reason, my mission is to build on the strengths and resources of each individual and each family I serve, to provide practical solutions to their money issues, and to help them live their best life- free of debt and financial stress.

On the business side, I can help you gain financial clarity, simplify your finances and maximize your profits. With my Search and Rescue services, I can get your books in order so you can know your bottom line and be ready for tax season.  I enjoy working on financial statements and love to help small businesses understand theirs.

Contact me and let’s chat about your hopes and dreams and how I can help you achieve them.

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Learn from an experienced coach how to get out of debt and grow your wealth.

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Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach whose mission is to build on the strengths and resources of an individual or family to help you live your best debt free life.

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Honesty and Integrity is my goal. Reliable and confidential help when you need it. I am here to serve you, if I can’t help I’ll point you in the right direction.


A $45,882.26 burden lifted off our shoulders and we are never going back!

I always wanted to be out of debt, but it never seemed possible.  I knew about a budget, but for some reason we just never were able to get out… we could never get in front of problems.  And there are always problems.  We started our journey February 1 and by August 3, 2020 we became consumer debt free!!!!!  A $45,882.26 burden lifted off our shoulders and we are never going back!

The principles of the financial program helped me to see money in a different way.  It took me from feelings of frustration and despair to those of control and peace.  I recommend this program to everyone who is unhappy with their current financial situation.  This helped my husband and me go from a tug of war regarding spending, to real conversations and planning.

Phyllis is so passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and live a better life.  She is grounded in her faith and smart with money – exactly the combination needed to help others out of a financial black hole.  Highly Recommend!!!!!!    -Christina F